Nokia N86 – 8mp Packing, N-Gage Gaming Slide Phone

nokia-n86-8mpWith the amount of 8 Megapixel camera packing mobiles around it’s certainly getting to the point where you can leave your compact snapper at home.

Nokia have joined the throng with the N86.

Nokia are known for their good camera’s on the likes of the N95 and N96 and their latest slider is packing an 8mp sensor, a wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens, a fast shutter for less motion blur and a dual LED flash.

Once you’ve grabbed the scene sharing your handiwork on sites like Ovi Share and Flickr are just a click away.

There’s plenty of room to store your artwork on-board; there’s space for up to 4,000 on the 8GB memory ( and you could also add a 16GB microSD card too).

The N86 is also rocking the GPS too, which means geotagging for your snaps, not to mention directions home from the party.

The N86 aint just for those aspiring David Baileys out there.

The new Nok also boasts N-Gage game playing on that bright OLED screen and that great  media player of Nokia’s. All that is backed up by a battery that offers up to 25 hours of musical playback.

They’ve even included a little foldy-outy stand at the back for your vid-viewing ease.

The N86 should be here for summer and should be free on contract or 375 Euros if you want it SIM free 🙂