Nokia N8 Videos, Spec and Price – Symbian 3 Touchscreen Flagship Phone

Nokia’s new flagship smartphone, the N8, has now been officially outed – even though there has been leaks aplenty.

The new touchphone looks pretty spanky really and the specs aint bad either.

The Nokia N8 comes with a huuuuge 12MP camera, the abilty to record and edit 720p HD video, face detection and full Flash support.

You even get HDMI output so you can sling your handiwork onto your home gogglebox.

Audio comes thanks to Dolby Digital Plus surround sound inside too, N-standard Wi-Fi and a new Web TV app that gives you one-touch access to…..well…. I don’t really need to say do I?

This is all running on Symbian 3 software which supports multi-touch so you can pinch-to-zoom and such.

Nok’s new N8 comes with 16GB memory and via that microSD slot you can up that to 48GB.

The N8 is a friendly, sociable type and sports Facebook and Twitter integration, with updates slipping directly on to your homescreen – needless to say the Nokia comes with Ovi Maps Walk and Drive navigation built in.

The battery will handle 48 hours of music playback from a single charge.

The N8 will be on sale in the “third quarter” of 2010, and will cost £320 before the nastiness of taxes.

Check out the video below:

And now – again but with more flare 😉

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