Nokia N8 on Sale in UK – August 24

News just in – The Nokia N8 will go on sale on 24 August.

Well – that seems to just fit in with the Finnish phone makers Summertime release.

Amazon Germany has wasted no time at all in opening up for pre-orders for the N8. They also seem to be adding a fair wedge of commission for this service as they’re asking €470 (£406)!

That’s a whacking €100 above Nokia’s initial SIM-free asking price. Cheeky!

Your friendly neighbourhood networks haven’t come out with their plans for the N8 but I’d suggest hanging fire before slapping down your hard-earned on a pre-order.

If you can’t remember what all the fuss is about – the Nokia N8 is the first phone to come with Symbian 3 software and sports a 12 megapixel camera, capacitive touchscreen, Wi-Fi and HSDPA for speedy web browsing and up to 48 Gigs of memory.

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