Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Screen Leaks

nokia lumia windows phone screenMore bits of Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 partnership are leaking out. There was the yellow prototype last week and now the front cover of a new 4.3-inch Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset – complete with the tell-tale logo on its Start button.

The leak apparently broke in China first but, as you can see, the item is a fairly minimalist front panel, with curved corners. There are spaces for a front-facing camera, earpiece and the usual trio of capacitive Windows Phone buttons.

There’s even the added bonus of a ruler across its diagonal for scale. This demonstrates that the screen size is 4.3-inches (11cm).

As this is just the screen cover it also points out that the associated handset will not be of unibody polycarbonate construction like the rest of Nokia’s top-end Lumia line.

This would lead me to assume that it belongs to a mobile similar to the yellow mid-range Lumia seen previously.

Not long to wait to see what the ‘Something Amazing’ will be at Nokia Word on September 7th anyhow 😉

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