Nokia Lumia 800 SIM Free on First UK Pay as You Go Offer

Fancy the look of the brand spanking new Windows Phone 7.5 rocking Nokia Lumia 800 but don’t fancy signing up to a contract? Well how about the new Nok on Pay as You Go?

You can already buy the Nokia Lumia 800 Mango phone all ready for when it gets released in a couple of weeks. Three, Orange and Vodafone are selling the Nokia 800 hooked up to contracts. The black, fuchsia pink or blue handset can be yours for free on two-year contracts starting at £26. If 18 months is all you can commit to then the price is from £31 p/m from Vodafone or Orange.

Up until now the only word of a Pay As You Go price was a whisper from Carphone Warehouse and that was in the region of £450.

If you slink over to Nokia’s GB portal and play with the PAYG options you’ll see that Three is currently the only operator to come clean with their price.

Three says that a SIM free Lumia 800 will cost you £400 – that puts it in direct competition with the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2 as they are also available for the same ballpark figure.

Personally I think that getting a free Lumia 800 on a contract is a better deal and one that neither the S2 or iPhone can currently match.

If you need more of a sweetener, such as a free Xbox for example, then preorder your Nokia from Orange.

It is usually cheaper in the long run to get a SIM free phone if you have the readies ready – would your 400 notes go to a Nokia sporting the latest software or would you rather hand it over for the Samsung S II or the previous generation of the Apple handset?

Let me know in the comments below or on the GN Facebook Page 🙂

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