Nokia Lumia PureView Windows Phone to be announced soon

Nokia Lumia PureView Windows Phone 8The Nokia PureView 808 – a hugely powerful camera in a reassuringly chunky smartphone. My only niggle was that it used the increasingly outmoded Symbian operating system. Sounds like Nokia is going to squirt some Windows Phone magic into its impressive cameraphone soon.

The Nokia PureView, in case you missed it, is an impressive bit of smartphone kit which is equipped with a 41-megapixel camera. Yes. Count them. Forty-one!

Check out the images taken in the Olympic Village here.

But the 808 runs on Symbian but there is more fuel to the PureView getting some love from Windows Phone very soon.

Nokia fan, zarniw0Op, said to the Finnish company: “Woohoo, I hope the #PureView is in the next #Lumia. Please please pretty please with brass knobs on ;-)”

Now, most companies would just either ignore it or say something like: thanks for your interest. Oh no, not Nok.

The friendly Finns replied with “Just keep your eyes and ears open in the next coming weeks,”.

September seems to be the month where Nokia reveals its new Lumia line-up so I reckon that it’s not too much of a leap to suggesting this is when the PureView’s 41MP sensor and imaging tech will be riding a Windows Phone Lumia device.

Could this mark the end of the compact camera?

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