Nokia Lumia 800 Now Available to Buy in UK

Have you been waiting patiently in order to get yourself a Nokia Lumia 800? Good news, then, as it is now on sale today here in the UK!

The chart-topping Lumia 800 is the flagship of Nokia’s new range of Windows Phone Mango devices – ok, currently your only other option in this ‘range’ is the Lumia 710, aka Sabre.

In theory this marriage between Microsoft and Nokia should prove fruitful. I have long been a fan of the Finnish phone cobbler’s hardware and was only tempted away by the slick user-friendliness of iOS. Now that Noks now sport the latest and best version of the colourfully intuitive WinPho there’s no reason why Nokia can’t win back some customers.

Perhaps one sticking point may be the price…

If you don’t want to be tethered to a contract then, apparently, you’ll be able to purchase a SIM free Nokia Lumia 800 for the not inconsiderable cost of £470!

Three gives you the option of a Pay as You Go deal but that involves stomping up 400 notes.

You can also get the handset free of course for the cost of £26 per month over 2 years if you haven’t got the readies ready 🙂

Do you agree with O2 and feel that these prices are too high?

Will you be giving the Nokia/Mango marriage a try or are you swayed by iOS 5 (we nearly had an iPhone 5!) or are you tempted by Google’s tasty Ice Cream Sandwich?

Perhaps the promise of sexy new BlackBerry designs coupled with the new BBX OS is enough to keep you waiting?

Let me know below 🙂

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