Nokia Lumia 910 to Land with NFC and Wireless Charging

Nokia Lumia 910We could see Near Field Communtication and wireless charging as soon as the Nokia Lumia 910 – that’s the UK version of the Lumia 900 folks!

I brought you news that the iPhone 5 could well be packing wireless payment NFC tech and now Nokia’s design chief has revealed that the Lumia range will shortly packing NFC and wire free charging.

The big deal is that, should it happen soon, the Nokia would grab that coveted ‘World’s First’ title for being the first mobile phone to come with wireless charging built-in.

Sure, you could add something like the Duracell myGrid, but to be wireless charging straight out of the box – that’s got to be worth cool points right?

If Nokia can manage to pull off wireless charging and all the loveliness packed into the Nokia 900 then they could well be onto a winner.

Chances are, all will be revealed at MWC 2012.

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