Nokia Lumia Black appearing on UK smartphones – What is it?

nokia black update folderNokia’s latest mission is codenamed ‘Black’ – it will update all the current Lumia phones you can buy in the UK, all at once, from today and will endow your Windows Phone with a stack of new features.

The biggest and most notable change is the addition of app folders.

As you can see in the picture right here, you can keep groups of similar apps all together, just like you can on iOS and Android.

Notifications have been improved too, with ‘Glance 2.0‘ giving you more information, such as how many new messages, mentions and appointments you have pending, without having to unlock the phone. You can choose up to five different notification types to display. The new Glance also has a nighttime mode where you can select some easy-on-the-eye colours for the text so you don’t burn your retinas when checking who just sent you a message on Whatsapp.

New apps such as Beamer, Storyteller, and the amalgamated Camera app are now all supported. They might not all appear on the less powerful Lumias but you still have to download them.

Beamer creates a QR code for another screen, which when scanned by your phone connects the two screens, so you can then share documents.

Storyteller uses your photos’ metadata (date, location) to organise them and integrate maps.

Low-energy Bluetooth support means loads more wearable gadgets can be supported with Nokia specifically mentioning the MiCoach range from Adidas.

If you haven’t received the update automatically, you can go to Settings -> Phone update and if it’s ready for your phone, you can download it.

Here’s a video showing what you will be getting:

[youtube id=”JzxSo-pI-YE”]

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