Nokia Demo Their Explore and Share Super Speedy Wireless Transfer Device

Nokia are working on a super swift wireless data transfer technology that they’ve dubbed: Explore and Share.

Nok’s Helsinki branch of their Research Center took the concept for an outing at a Nokia Store where Jyri Hämäläinen presents an impressive show and tell.

In the video he walks you through a live example of how it can be used, including wirelessly transferring a Bruce Springsteen album onto a phone in less than 10 seconds.

As Jyri explains, it could be used to fill a device you’ve just bought with stacks of apps, tunes, and the likes within minutes of purchasing your new Nok.

Explore and Share is based on new radio technology and as you’ll see in the vid the system comes in two parts – the ‘writer’ which you place your mobile on and a touchscreen monitor where you make all your choices.

The neat thing is that the writer will automatically recognise which device has been plonked on it and will offer a customised selection for you based on the handsets capabilities and possibly your previous purchases.

Watch and marvel at the 10 second album transfer:

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