Nokia Comes With Music Comes To UK First

At last!

The UK gets something first :p

Not that I’m bitter, but us folks here in Blighty get very little before anyone else and usually most tech actually reaches us a good 6 months down the line with the added bonus of a few extra quid slapped on the price just for the privilege!

Nokia are set to put that all right with their “Comes With Music” service. 

We shall get this by October 2008 and it will offer user a full 12 months of unlimited access to the entire Nokia Music Store catalogue.

To quash the many rumours – you can keep the tunes once the contract is up.

But there has to be a carch surly…….

Well, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic ‘Comes With Music’ edition might not be everyone’s idea of the perfect phone. But if you want to be an early adopter, that’s the price you’ll have to pay.

Carphone Warehouse is the exclusive retailer until the end of 2008 and they’re taking pre-orders from today for both the phone and access to just about every track offered by the major labels by phone and PC.

Go forth you mobile music lovers and enjoy this little thing – for Britania’s sake 🙂



Carphone Warehouse