Nokia Asha 210 specification run down [video]

Nokia Asha 210Here is the freshly announced (after being teased) Asha 210. Let’s take a look at the new, colourful qwerty keyboarded phone from Nokia.

The Nokia Asha 210 packs a dual-SIM option as well as slurping up all the most popular social networks.

The aim of the Asha 210 is to compete in the low-end and developing markets which it should do pretty well. Nokia is no stranger to this sector and is able to produce good quality at a low price.

This latest phone is no exception. Nokia is offering a full keyboard, a fresh design as well as including a dedicated WhatsApp, Facebook or Weibo button depending which territory you’re in.

All that will cost $72 SIM-free, excluding taxes when it lands late Q2.

The handset is compact and has a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic that’s similar to the Lumia.

There’s a 3.5mm AV jack and Micro-USB port for charging on the top edge, and a door on the left edge for the optional second SIM slot.

The Asha 210 measures 4.39-inches tall, 2.36-inches wide, and 0.46-inches thick. At 3.43 ounces, it’s lightweight and should fit well in the hand. It comes in four other colors besides previously teased yellow: white, cyan, magenta, and black.

The front includes a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, with a 320×240-pixel resolution.

The four-row QWERTY keyboard lights up when in use and is textured for easy typing. In addition, the space bar doubles as a Wi-Fi launch button when long pressed.

On the rear is the camera lens. It lacks a flash and isn’t buddied by a front-facing snapper. But, don’t worry, you can still take those all important “selfies” with the clever self-portrait mode. Below the lens is a wide speaker grill.

With the help of a small indent up top, the back plate is easy to take off. Once removed, you can gain access to the primary SIM card slot, the microSD card slot that’s expandable up to 32GB, and the battery.

As for the rest of the hardware, the main thing to note is that it is still running on 2G – so no 3G / HSPA to ease all those tweets and messages you’re expecting. But, there is WiFi to ease some of that pain.

At this price-point RAM and processor speeds are likely not the buyer’s primary concern but I’ve been told that it’s somewhere under the 1GHz mark.

The Nokia Asha 210 looks to be quality and ideally placed for the emerging markets.

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