Nokia 9 release date and price

nokia 9We’ve spotted some new details regarding the Nokia 9 flagship smartphone.

The new Nok now has a release date and price.

Nokia Power User has been slipped some more information relating to HMD’s Nokia 9 flagship.

This info has come from the same source that recently reported the 9 would come with an iris scanner, QHD OLED display and OZO Audio.

Nokia 9 – what we know so far

As with all these whispers – we can’t vouch for their reliability. Although, things seem to be stacking up logically enough.

New Nokia 9 news

The loose-lipped tipsters continue to use the Nokia 9 name, whereas others have suggested 9C.

They say that the new phone will launch in Q3 of 2017 with an asking price of €749/$699.

It’s likely the €749 refers to the 64GB storage option, but there will reportedly be a 128GB storage option too, which will demand a higher premium.

Nok announcement

The same source says the phone will be unveiled in July or early August. It will then hit store shelves later in the year.

Nokia C9 cameraThis means it will pip the new Apple iPhone 8 which, according to latest rumours, won’t be out until October or November due to issues with OLED panels.

I am not sure how frightened the Cupertino giant will be about that though.

Spec round up

As we’ve already mentioned, the Nokia 9 will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which has featured in some other 2017 flagships, and a Quad HD 2560 x 1440 OLED display.

The processor will allegedly be buddied with 6GB of RAM. The rear camera will be 22-megapixels and the front 12MP.

It’s also possible the Nokia 9 will be VR-enabled due to OZO Audio implementation. OZO is the name of Nokia’s VR headset, and OZO Audio has 3D audio recording and playback capabilities.