Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte – Top Price Mid Range

If you’re looking for a medium spec phone for high-end ca$h – loook no further!

Nokia are wanting people just like you to spend that cash all in the name of Arte.

Or should I say; the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte.

I’m reckoning that the average punter who’ll even consider this mobile wont be buying it for the 3G connectivity, 3.2-megapixel auto focus camera, 4GB of storage, OLED display or the anti-fingerprint coating.

This slider is all about flashing your wad. 

It’s created from carbon fibre, titanium, polished glass and stainless steel and was inspired by architecture, sports cars and aerospace – apparently.

Then there’s the exclusive 3D screen patterns, soundtracks and wallpapers.

The killer blow is the 1,100 Euros (plus contract) you’ll have to dish out to pay for it!

It’ll be out just in time for crimbo – I hope Father Christmas rolls it pimp style.

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