Nokia 8110 – the banana phone reloaded with 4G

It’s time to reload the 90s with the Nokia 8110 – but it does have some contemporary moves.

Are you ready for the Nokia 8110 Reloaded? You know, the banana phone made famous in the Matrix? If you are only just old enough to drink then most of that was probably lost on you. However, if you bought Nevermind when it was released or watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer then you will get me. Hopefully.

However, this is not just a Nokia 8110 re-release. No siree-bob. This is a 4G feature phone that still sports that elegantly curved slider coolness.

Nokia 8110

nokia 8110 festival phone

I will admit, I thought the 8110 was an awesome design back in the day. But, me being me and wanting to be different, I bought the spinning Moto V70 when it came out.

Now’s my chance. The new Nokia 8110 features the familiar user interface, and that sweet slide to answer and end calls. You can even spin it around on the table, should you want to.

90s tech sliding back into style

Is the 8110 going to be as welcome as dial-up internet or has it still got a special place in our hearts along with the Gameboy and Chat Rooms?

Could it be as big as Jurassic Park?

Snake and more modern apps

Firstly, yes, it does feature Snake. Secondly, unlike the previous re-appearance of a Nokia classic, the 8110 does connect to 4G.

Furthermore, the wireless Hotspot feature lets you create your own Wi-Fi connection wherever you are. Wi-Fi wasn’t even invented when the 8110 first appeared. I know, right?!

Powerful battery life

The Qualcomm 205 mobile platform is optimised to bring performance without compromising on battery life, bringing up to 25 days of standby time from a single charge. At least the 8110’s multi-day stamina has been retained. Ah, if only I had the stamina of my 90s self….

Price and availability

The iconic Nokia 8110 is available to pre-order now at Carphone Warehouse, EE, O2, Vodafone and other key retailers and e-tailers for a RRP of £69.99. Coming in Black or Yellow and oozing 90s style, the Nokia 8110 will be on shelves in the UK from August 15th.