Nokia 150 hits UK for £25 with 31 day battery!

nokia 150HMD launched their first Nokia mobile phone, the Nokia 150, at the end of last year. Now, you can grab one here in the UK.

Do you miss those halcyon days of Snake and a battery life measured in days rather than hours? Physical buttons, remember those?

Well, fans of retro design and tech lovers who remember paying for each SMS, The Nokia 150 can be yours thanks to Carphone Warehouse.

nokia 150The 150 is more a feature phone rather than a smartphone. Ideal to keep in the car in case of emergencies, or one to pack for a festival.

Carphone Warehouse says:

Not everyone needs all the bells and whistles of a smartphone. In fact, in today’s hectic world, returning to the classic styling of a Nokia feature phone could be regarded as good as a complete digital detox.

That detox includes cutting off “modern distractions like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.”

There’s a camera, you can load on mp3 songs, there’s a torch and Bluetooth connectivity too. Plus, on one charge, the battery will last a massive 31 days!

Nokia 150 price and availability

The Nokia 150 is available for £35 From the Carphone Warehouse on Pay as You Go, this includes a £10 credit. That means the phone costs £25!