Noble Audio outs 5 new universal IEMs

Noble new universal IEM violetNoble Audio, the US in-ear monitor specialist, has revealed an all-new universal-fit range.

The new American-made universal fit series features precision construction and anodised aluminium end caps.

This all new five-strong line-up will be unveiled for the first time at CanJam SoCal 2016 in California (19th/20th March) and are set to replace Noble’s previous acrylic-body universal-fit series.

The new range has also been painstakingly re-voiced to give the optimum performance from the new two-part Classic chassis. The range comprises the following models: Trident (£275); Savanna (£350); Savant (£420); Dulce Bass (£485) and Django (£695).

Most of the new universal-fit models will also be available as custom-fit versions for a supplement, using a range of alternative construction materials. Consumers choosing bespoke versions can select from the following: a custom-fit acrylic version (suffix C), a time-saving 3-D printed version (suffix SLA) and a silicone version (suffix S); see pricing for more.

Noble Audio Trident

Noble TridentTrident is Noble’s new entry level universal IEMs and features three balanced armature drivers per side. Aimed primarily at beginners, Trident is also suitable for IEM aficionados looking for an affordable everyday use IEM. It is a wide bandwidth design with extended treble and bass output, for a refined output from an entry level design.

Noble Audio Savanna

Noble SavannaSavanna is four balanced armature configuration with a linear output and acoustic music firmly in mind. Savanna places an emphasis on accuracy and transparency, while offering a gratifying listening experience.

Noble Audio Savant

Noble SavantOriginally launched in 2015, the Savant has now been updated with the new Classic universal form factor. Savant is widely regarded as Noble’s most balanced universal IEM and is detail-oriented with a solid bass performance and an excellent high frequency response. Savant is adept cross-genre, making it a versatile addition to any collection or as standalone piece.

Noble Audio Dulce Bass

Noble Dulce BassDulce Bass (‘sweet bass’) is an unashamedly bass-orientated IEM designed to deliver an extended low-frequency response uncharacteristic of balanced armature pieces. A five balanced armature configuration, Dulce Bass is bass-lover’s dream come true and offers audiophile sound quality optimised for electronic and bass-heavy music.

Noble Audio Django

Noble DjangoDjango is the range-topping model in the new universal-fit line, nestling just behind Noble’s existing flagship model, the Kaiser 10U. Django is a musically engaging, six balanced armature configuration IEM that maintains a well-balanced sonic signature throughout its operating range. Chiefly designed with musical enjoyment in mind, Django is able to unchain any genre of music.

Noble new universal IEM group shotAll models are sensitive enough for use with smartphones, portable amps/DACs and DAPs and are hand assembled and matched. Each IEM comes with a detachable cable with an industry-standard two-pin configuration (0.78 mm diameter)

Pricing and availability (UK)

All models will be available in April. Key: (suffix) C custom; S silicon; SLA 3-D printed

  • Trident: £275; C £350; S £555
  • Savanna: £350; C £485; S £695; SLA £420
  • Savant: £420; SLA £835
  • Dulce Bass: £485; C £695; S £900; SLA £625
  • Django: £695; C £835; S £1050; SLA £765