No iPhone 3G For This Gadgeteer

iPhone White BackOh Pants!

That was my exlaimation when the lovely and helpful lady from the Carphone Warehouse told me that I would not be able to upgrade to the 3G iPhone unless I paid the remainding 12 months of line rental (£420) with O2 through them to close the contract.

Or, I could lower my tarrif from £35, to £30 then to £25 over 3 months and then pay off the new amount of £255 for the remainder of my contract.

I’ve usually had great deals from CPW but they are not selling the iPhone as the deal is that the new 3G blower is only available direct from O2 even though there are details and links on the CPW site.

So, I can go for the 8GB (I wanted the 16GB) version and pay 2 lots of contracts for 3 months and fork out 250 notes in October or just wait a year; a year of yearning and green eyes as others flaunt their new Apple phones and taunt me with all the goodies that it presents.

So, as I said earlier.


Any ideas?  Any insider knowledge or help that you can provide would be more than helpful!

Yours in perpetual jealousy.