Nintendo Wii U update speeds up loading time

wii u updateOne of the worse things to have to put up with when you want to get your game on is slow loading times. Thanks to an update coming for the Wii U, that hanging around is going to get substantially smaller.

The Nintendo Wii U update will land in April and will primarily reduce the amount of time the console takes to load the main user interface.

There has been many gamers and testers who have remarked that it can take ages to go from a game back to the menu system. It seems that Nintendo has listened to those niggles and done something about it.

The Japanese gaming giant has even released a video (below) on YouTube that shows the difference in time between the current system software and the updated one. I reckon that everyone will notice the upgrade.

The new version will take approximately 20 seconds to load after quitting a game and pressing the relevant buttons, whereas the current software can take up to 20 seconds longer. This has to help with the overall gaming experience on the Wii U.

Nintendo is yet to reveal what, if any, other fixes or changes will come with the new update.

Word is that Ninte will also be releasing a further system firmware update later this year, around autumn time.

Check out the new turbo-speed load-up below 🙂

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