Nintendo Switch Online landing this month with Splatoon 2

nintendo switch neonNintendo has revealed that the Nintendo Switch Online app will launch on the July 21st, just in time for the launch of Splatoon 2.

The Nintendo Switch Online service is expected to launch in full next year but Splatoon 2 is worthy of jumping the queue.

When the Switch landed it broke the mold. Not only for being a console that converts in to a portable, but it lacked the usual launch trappings. By this I mean, no bundled games. In fact, there wasn’t a great range of titles available either.

The Nintendo Switch’s online service is still a few months off from going live, but there will be a taster.

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Switch online

The Switch Online service has already caused some controversy. This mostly stems from Nintendo stating that it will be charging for features and services that it usually offers for free. This includes chatting with other Switch gamers online.

nintendo switch splatnet2But, for now, Ninte will be letting Switchers test some of these features for nothing. However, expect that to change when the full service goes online.

Mobile app

The mobile app for the Online service is going live on July 21st.

This just so happens to be the same date as the launch of Splatoon 2.

splatoon phone appThat’s no coincidence as the mobile app’s first major feature will be linking to SplatNet 2.

With this, you can check out your Splatoon 2 stats, check out upcoming new stages, invite friends to matches and more.

Social Switch

Outside of Splatoon 2, the mobile app will function as a social gaming hub, where you can invite those already on your Switch’s friend list. This can happen via the app or even via social networks.

The app can then be used to voice chat in the online lobby while waiting for a match to start. Depending on the game, you’ll be able continue that voice chat during play.

Price and availability

The Nintendo Online Switch app will be available for free from July 21st. Remember, the service itself won’t always be.

Connecting with SplatNet 2 or even the simple act of chatting in lobbies are only free until the full service launches in 2018.