Nintendo responds to Switch issues

switch joy con handsLast week’s Switch issues – a storm in a tea cup? We reported the Joy Con syncing problems that are apparently blighting the Nintendo Switch. Well, the company has now come forward to address this.

Nintendo has stated that the issues being reported online are not symptomatic of problems with the Switch hardware.

Nintendo Switch statement

The gaming big-hitter has responded to the growing reports of manufacturing and/or design problems with the machine for the first time.

An official statement from Nintendo says:

At Nintendo, we take great pride in creating quality products and we want our consumers to have a positive experience.

It is common with any new innovative consumer technology for consumers to have questions, and Nintendo Switch is no exception.”

nintendo-switchIt goes on to respond to the issues more directly:

There are no widespread technical problems, and all issues are being handled promptly, including the reports regarding the left Joy-Con Bluetooth connection. To best support our customers, we continuously update the online consumer support site and provide real-time answers to the questions we are receiving. We want our consumers to get up and running quickly to have fun with Nintendo Switch, and if anything falls short of this goal we encourage them to contact Nintendo’s Consumer Service team.”

In particular to the reported Joy Con problems:

The number [of Joy-Con replacement or repair requests received] is not significant, and is consistent with what we’ve seen for any new hardware we have launched.”

More information from Reggie Fils-Aime

nintendo-switch-joy-conJust before the statement was released Nintendo’s American boss, Reggie Fils-Aime, spoke to Time about the issue.

Specifically on Joy-Con syncing, all I can tell you is that we are aware of and have seen some of the reports,” he added. “We’re asking consumers a lot of questions. That’s why we want to get consumers on our help line, so we can get as much information to understand the situation as possible. And so we are in a fact-finding mode, to really understand the situation and the scenarios. And with that information, we’ll look and see what the next steps are.”

There had also been some concern regarding the Switch’s screen scratching. Reggie tackled this in much the same way:

We have done, as you know, literally hundreds of events, starting with our activity back in January, and most recently the various tours that we continue to take the system out on. As soon as I heard of this report, I asked my teams, “Have we seen this in our own experience?” And the candid answer has been no.”

Fils-Aime is confident about the testing:

So throughout all of those experiences, throughout all the docking and undocking we’ve done, we haven’t seen it. So this is one where if it is happening, we want to understand more as to what the specific situation is. Which is why we want consumers to let us know through our support site.”

Switch issues

So, have you experienced any of the issues reported?

On our Tech Addicts Podcast we suggested that these incidents are to be expected from a first wave of new tech. Are we expecting too much from new releases? Is it right to want all the bumps and niggles that generally only show themselves after decent ‘real world’ use not to appear?

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