Nintendo gets Bricks Sent in the Mail in 3DS Privacy Protest

It’s now Nintendo’s turn to join in on the privacy scandal scene thanks to their multi-dimensional 3DS. If you hopped onto the 3D gaming bandwagon you may be shocked to discover that you may have, in fact, signed your life away.

It has been discovered that amongst the Nintendo 3DS’s Terms and Conditions there is an agreement which many have overlooked that entitles Nintendo the right to access user’s in-console content and, if Ninty thinks you’re being naughty, brick the device.

If that’s not scary enough, it also appears that once you’ve agreed to the 3DS T&C Nintendo automatically owns all of your content including messages, images and personal information!

I have to hold my hands up and admit that I tend to trust the big companies and just click ‘agree’ when my devices ask – although I do read everything on Facebook when there’s a change or update. I am sure that most of you that are reading this at best skim the T&C’s.

There’s no surprise that an outraged group of gamers have set about demanding that Nintendo change their terms.

“We urge Nintendo to drop their terms and conditions and apologise,” protests Joshua Gay of the Brick Nintendo Before They Brick You campaign.

The campaigners have sent more than 150 cardboard bricks to Nintendo’s offices in protest.

Gay went on to say “We should not have to agree to these ludicrous demands. Other companies do not impose them and we rely on our freedom, autonomy and control when we use technology.”

Have you got a 3DS? Did you agree to the Terms and Conditions without reading them?

Let me know below 🙂

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