Nintendo DSi XL (or LL) Shown Off in Official Video – Come See!

nintendo-dsi-ll-on-tableRemember the super-sized Nintendo DSi with the large screen from a coupla weeks ago?

Well now there’s an official flick for it.

This is the first screening for the Nintendo DSi XL (or LL as it’s known in Japan) from the larger hand-held. The good thing is that it gives you a good idea of both the size of the screen and the extra large prodding stick – or stylus as they call it.

As you may recall – the target market are those that are not as nimble or well sighted as they used to be.

No! Not me! (yet).

Also on the vid is a shot of all the mellow colours that it will be coming in.

Not exactly the peeper abusing shades of the PSPgo.

It wont be reaching us til next year but you can still watch in action though 🙂

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