Nintendo DSi – The Latest Pocket Pleaser

Engadget have revealed Nintendo’s latest pocket pleaser.

The new Nintendo DSi will still retain both touch screens, although both displays have had an increase in size to 3.25″ from its original 3″.

Everyone will appreciate a combined extra half-inch.

In addition to the screenage the DSi has slimmed down by 12% compared to its predecessor, partly due to the omission of the GBA cartridge slot.

That’s a little odd as games like Guitar Hero: On Tour (a game that requires the Guitar controller add-on which fits into the GBA cartridge slot nicely) won’t work on the new DSi.

Other improvements include a front-facing VGA camera located on the inside hinge, while a 3 megapixel external camera will compete with your cell phone for casual photographs.

Not only that, the DSi will support SD memory cards with a new SD card slot, and the integrated browser application makes it a contender for the iPod touch since you can also play back your favorite MP3s!

The Nintendo DSi is said to be out in Japan on November 1st for $179 or thereabouts.

The rest of the world will get it next year at some point.

Will you be chopping in your old DS for the DSi?