Nintendo DSi on Sale in UK April 3rd!

dsiThe long wait for your Nintendo DSi is almost over people!

Tomorrow, Friday April 3rd, will see the release of the third edition of Nintendo’s handheld console, the DSi.

The gaming machine packs two cameras, one facing inside and one on the outside.

These detect motion, which means you can now control games via hand and head movements, and can also be used to snap photos of yourself or your mates.

The DSi also has the DSi Ware download service that offers a range of custom-made games and apps, including a free web browser.

Before you ask: you can still play the 1,000+ regular cartridge-based DS games as well.

The DSi sports a 3.25-inch screen size and it’s slimmer than it’s DS sibling.

If you’re after one of these I’d say to join the queue earlier rather than later as when it went on sale in Japan it shifted 170,000 in just two days – selling out almost immediately.

It’ll cost you around £144.97 and if you don’t want to queue up why not just get it from Amazon?