Nintendo Bringing Hollywood to Wii Worldwide

WiitvNintendo is about to bring you another reason to buy their family friendly Wii.

The Nintendo Wii movie store is heading worldwide by the sounds of things and that will bring you the Hollywood greats right to your Wiimote!

Japan has the Wii movie service in place and the PS3 (via PlayStation Store) is already offering around 2000 movies and almost 10,000 TV shows in the US which does battle with the Xbox’s movie download, TV show service and Netflix compatibility Stateside.

That’s all well and good but here in the UK we only have the Xbox’s movie service right now so no wonder that Nintendo has this little island in its sights.

The man behind the latest rumour is Lionsgate‘s President of Digital Media Curt Marvis, who expects the Wii’s movie store to be launching worldwide sometime very soon.

In an interview with Casualgaming, Marvis said he “imagines the Wii’s movie store will launch worldwide soon… the essential point is that the game machine is already connected into the TV, and we see it as a major conduit inside the home to bring movies via the internet into the television.”

I’m taking that as Mr Marvis can’t see any problem with it going ahead like yesterday then.

As I mentioned earlier about the family friendliness of the Wii: Marvis reckons that the Wii audience is slightly different from that of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which means content will vary accordingly.

“Our horror and action movies are ideal for the Xbox and PlayStation’s hardcore audience, while the broader audience of the Wii are likely to enjoy our more mass-market properties.”

Nintendo hasn’t made any official comments yet, but if a commercial movie partner is openenly chatting about it I think it’s safe to assume that the worldwide Wii movie store is past first base.

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