Nintendo 3DS UK Release Date and Tag Mode Revealed – Super Street Fighter IV

It seems that you’ll be able to grab a Nintendo 3DS, which features a stereoscopic 3D screen that doesn’t require glasses, from 26 February 2011 at a cost of 25,000 yen, around £189 before Brit Tech Tax!

The UK, Europe and US are looking at March 2011 before they can get their mits on a Nintendo 3DS.

Also uncovered today is the natty wireless “tag mode”.

It has been spotted in the trailer for Super Street Fighter IV.

It appears to enable you to automatically rumble with a nearby rival’s collectable action figures even while the 3DS is tucked away in your bag – The more you fight the more figures you collect.

Or, if you want to get your hands dirty then there’s the wireless battle mode for active multiplayer gameplay with nearby 3DS owners.

A way to make friends? I’m not too sure – but it should make the commute more interesting 😉

Watch the Super Street Fighter IV vid below:

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