Nike T90 Ascente Football – Faster, Flashier and More High Tech for the New Season

T90 AscenteOK footie fans!

As you will know, if you watch overpaid sportsmen running around kicking a ball, the new season soon kicks off for the three big football leagues—England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, and Italy’s Serie A.

New season, new balls – Nike has developed a fancy-schmancy ball for them and that’s loaded with all types of hi-tech as well as being rounder!

It’s called the T90 Ascente.

What’s so damn special about the ball? The Nike bullet points are: “360 Sweet Spot,” “Longer Range,” “Increased Visibility,” “Higher Accuracy,” and “Greater Speed.”

Lemme break it down:

360 Sweet Spot -This refers to the way the ball reacts to being kicked. Usually, footballs have a ‘sweet spot‘  and, apparently the T90 Ascente is one large ‘sweet spot’.  That is, wherever you kick it, the ball will react as if you’ve kicked that all important ‘sweet spot’.

Longer range – The ball is constructed in three layers, and this, by some black magic ju-ju and all round clevernes, somehow manages to make the ball travel two ball lengths longer than previous Nike footballs.

Increased visibility. You see those patterns – well, that’s the idea – they create a “flicker” as the ball spins.

The T90 Ascenete is also faster than previous balls, traveling at about 22.19 m/s (72.17 feet/s).   This is also something to do with that three-layer construction.

Check out the vid over at the Nike website.

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