NHS to Give Wii Fit Plus Stamp of Approval

cyberbikeSince Wii Fit arrived there has been the question: “Does it really work?

There has been plenty of opinions but now the NHS has stepped in.

The National Health Service is quite happy to give Nintendo Wii Fit Plus its official backing.

The NHS say that there’s plenty many benefits to be gained from the balance board game by kids and adults who’d rather just veg out.

This also means that the sequel to Wii Fit will be able to use the NHS’s Change4Life logo in its advertising.

Change4Life is aimed at getting people to exercise and eat healthily – I’m sure we all know a gamer or two that could benefit from this change 😉

Add into the mix the full-size peripheral that’s planned to be released as part of Cyberbike in January 2010 that developer Bigben Interactive says will involve, “some of the most improbable vehicles ever imagined” – it all seem to be going Nintendo‘s way in the lead up for Friday when the Wii Fit Plus hits the shelves – it will cost you £89.99.

Cheaper than a gym membership 😉

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