Next iPhone and iOS 7 details

iphone 6Ah, don’t you love the run up to WWDC? There’s the usual abundance of rumours flying around the interwebs – here’s a quick round-up of the more likely ones.

Whether it will jump a model and be the iPhone 6 or appear as the iPhone 5S, one recurring rumble is that the next Apple phone could be packing 1.5 million pixels, double that of the 720,000 pixel iPhone 5.

According to Chinese news site Wei Feng Network the iPhone 5S will feature a display that isn’t 1080p but will still cram in double the pixel count of the iPhone 5.

It would also feel smaller in your pocket as it will feature a thinner bezel, like the iPad Mini, whilst retaining the same 4in-screen size.

Taiwanese website, Digitimes, reports that their sources are still sticking by the earlier whispers that Apple could reveal two new devices – iPhone 5S and 6?

Chinese factories are apparently ramping up production to meet end-of-June shipment deadlines, ready to hit the hands of eager fans waiting for the next-gen iPhone or its more affordable plastic counterpart.

What is known for sure is that Apple iOS 7 will launch at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

The release of the next major version of Apple’s mobile OS has been c0nfirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple’s Jony Ive is working on iOS 7 and that the OS will get a major redesign with a new ‘flatter’ UI as possibly shown off accidentally by a new Facbook icon which appeared on my iPhone a few weeks ago after an update.

Tim Cook recently confirmed that Jony Ive is “really key” to the new Apple mobile OS.

As yet Apple have not shared any information on what will be included in Apple iOS 7.

There should be more details about iOS 7 landing soon – when it does, it will appear on GadgetyNews.


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