Next Call of Duty has lifelike graphics – just look at this

callofduty-screenshotThe now annual expectation of a new CoD title is probably on most gamers minds now and where we can generally expect more expansive maps, more weapons and improved graphics seeing this picture is almost beggars belief.

Screenshots of the latest in the Call of Duty franchise have surfaced and by the looks of it, the next game could indeed be more groundbreaking than ever.

IGN pulled out this character close-up screenshot of Sledgehammer’s next-gen shooter. I was expecting this just to be a still from one of the set-piece movies but, apparently, this is exactly how characters in the game will actually look, pitted skin textures and all!.

The image was unveiled at Sledgehammer’s ‘Quest for Quality’ GDC panel in March but no mention of whether this is from a next gen console or even if it’s Xbox One or PS4. Either way, I’m so glad that I have a new PC coming very soon.

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