New to Facebook for 2010: Groups… Really!

There’s plenty of you out there that have added people that you don’t know to your Facebook ‘Friends’ list – admit it.

Perhaps you’ve also added your parents, work manager and that temp that you fancied.

Now – this is all well and good but you might have to censor yourself a bit. No bragging that you’ve just thrown a sickie because you’re travelling to see your favourite band or perhaps your ex is still in your ‘Friends’ list and you’re not really on Friendly terms.

Well, Facebook has just introduced the new “Groups” feature. This means that you can now invite your friends to join you in little private (if you so wish) areas where you can share wall posts, links, photos, videos, events, documents and engage in group chat.

Yup – Facebook has just invented…… Facebook!

This just shows that some users have lost control of their ‘networks’ or, simply Facebook has got so large that Planet Facebook now needs Countries, which needs districts, cities, towns, villages, and you get the idea.  Not bad for the worse site on the web eh?

Groups are closed by default (but can be secret or open) and are designed to be spaces where small groups of friends share information, with each group controlled by the entirety of its members — an important new direction for Facebook. The group chat feature is just as it sounds; members can participate in back-and-forth IM conversations with everyone in the group at the same time.

Once you start participating in Groups, the most-viewed ones will automatically live in the left-hand navigation of the page for easier access.

I’m thinking a family ‘Group’, a ‘Group’ for the musicians I’m friends and network with, a drinking buddies ‘Group’ for arranging nights out, etc.

Yup – Planet Facebook can now be broken down into usable chunks once more.

Bounce over here to have a play.

What do you think?

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