New Taser Shotgun – Is Cute, Fluffy and Loves Social Networking [Twitter and Facebook]

tasershotIf you don’t like regular tasers because you have to get fairly close to the person you want to immobilise – help is now at hand!

Over at Wired’s Danger Room blog, David Hambling has slapped an extensive post up about a new series of “less-lethal” weapons from “controversial electroshock weaponeer” Taser International.

Not only are these weapons kinda scary (just thing about getting one of these rounds in the face or nads?!?!!?!) but they’ve joined various social networking sites  :0

The Taser X3 has its own Facebook page and also Twitters.

I’m guessing that the promo agency were told to come up with something cute and non-threatening.

So, instead of coming over all Dirty Harry and Terminator is seems they’re trying to get all playful and cute.  Check out these tweets:

“Check out my color screen. Like a Tele-Tubby … only a little more intense!”

“Just out of the solar radiation box. Tanning bed for TASER’s… 3 months of Arizona summer sun radiation. Check that one off!”

“Never thought I’d get so excited about the feel of a safety switch. But wait until you feel it – smooooooth.”

You’ve got to love the Taser X3 online ad campaign.

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