New Sony S-Series Walkman Features Facial Speakers

504x_s-series-rumor Sony Insider has been given another tip-off in the form of this pic of a rather mysterious new Walkman.

SI are pretty sure that this may be the successor in the popular S-Series lineup.

The well-connected site have it on good authority that the press shot shows a revision to the Sony S Series – thing is has it got a larger screen or has the actual device shrunk?  Or both?

What can be made out is that it will come in four colour options:  red, blue, pink, and black (just slipped in on the right there) there’s also that perforated grill on the front.

That could be some speakers methinks.

Before you start saving up and continually refresh the Sony webpage the same tipster also added that this PMP isn’t scheduled for arrival anytime soon.

Sony Insider

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