New Sony Headphones Brings Convergence

These natty new Bluetooth headphones from Sony are pretty clever.

Not because they’re Bluetooth (c’mon people – how long has that been around?) but because they’ll sync up with your music player and your phone at the same time!

We heart convergence.

The three new cordless headphones for the sporty, or sporty at heart are the DR-BT160AS, DR-BT160IK, and DR-BT14Q Bluetooth.

They all have control features built in to the headset, which means that now instead of having to rummage in your pockets (Oooooer missus!) to change tracks on the treadmill, you only have to fiddle with your ear – much more acceptable in company methinks.

The ‘phones are released out into the populous next month, and they’ve even made them iPod compatible.

Gawd bless ya Sony!