New Sony Ericsson Walkman Music Phones – Zylo and Spiro

Sony Ericsson has unveiled a pair of Walkman handsets that will drop at the same time as the Autumn leaves.

Say Hi to the Sony Ericsson Zylo and the Sony Ericsson Spiro.

Both snub the do-everything smartphone trend and instead concentrate on options for music fans and social networking gossip-mongers.

Both handsets have pre-loaded social networking apps from Facebook and Twitter so you can tell people what you’re up to whilst grooving to ‘the best mobile phone’ FLAC sounds.

If you use Shazam you’ll be able to use the TrackID app that both the Zylo and Spiro house.

The 2 meg snapper equipped Spiro gives you the opportunity to share music with your buddies – just give them a call whilst your Walkman is playing and chat with your choonz in the background.

The Zylo has a 3 meg camera and sports a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and FM Radio.

Both mobiles come in colours with names such as Swing Pink and Spring Green so I’m guessing that these mean something to the yoof market that these are probably aimed at – more classically; they also come in Black and Silver 😉

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