New Shuttle mini PC – Skylake and 4K VGA cards

shuttle mini pc xpcThe new Shuttle mini PC machines have just been announced and it looks like the company has managed to shove even more high-end tech in to the small form factor cases.

The latest Shuttle XPC cube mini PC, the SZ170R8 supports Intel sixth-generation Skylake Core i3/i5/i7 95W processors.

Even though it measures only a fraction of the size of a normal tower PC, this computer can still accommodate four 3.5-inch HDDs and high-end graphics cards for various demanding graphics and storage applications.

The SZ170R8 also packs an integrated video adapter which supports as many as three displays natively, with a PCI-Ex16 slot to add full-sized graphics cards at lengths up to 267mm.

The Intel Z170 chipset supports CPU overclocking and up to DDR4-2133 RAM at a maximum capacity of 64GB. An 80 Plus Silver Certified Power Supply delivers an improved 500W in order to power enthusiast video cards and multiple HDDs.

shuttle mini pc xpc angleThe SZ170R8 Shuttle Mini PC includes a new HDD bracket which houses up to four 3.5-inch HDDs and harnesses Intel Rapid Storage Technology with RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 support for advanced storage applications.

An additional PCI-Ex4 slot can be fitted with anything from sound cards to a RAID card for the ample amount of possible disk drives.

Plus, it features an M.2 2280 Type M slot for adding a high-speed SSD as well as a half-size Mini PCIe for wireless adapters and more.

You can even choose to upgrade the Shuttle mainboard with a different Mini-ITX motherboard without needing to modify the chassis. The Asus Z170I Pro Gaming looks rather tasty in my opinion.

I reckon with all that tech crammed in to such a small space any PC builder will be concerned about cooling, even though the Shuttle Mini PC is working with the latest chipset and graphics cards.

Well, thankfully, the SZ170R8 employs Shuttle’s proprietary I.C.E.2 heat pipe technology which boasts cooling efficiency and low-noise footprint. The HDD bracket includes an independent cooler to maintain stable, long-term operation.

shuttle mini pc xpc rear portsThe SZ170R8 includes eight USB 3.0, two DisplayPort, one HDMI, one eSata, one Intel Gigabit LAN, and 7.1 channel HD Audio ports. That should be enough for most users, I think.

SZ170R8 Shuttle Mini PC price and availability

The SZ170R8 XPC cube will be available in March 10th for RRP £253.

SZ170R8 Series specs at a glance:
  • Compact SFF Chassis
  • Intel 6th Generation (Skylake) Core i3/i5/i7 Processors
  • 500W Power Supply and PCI-Ex16 Slot for High-end VGA Card
  • Accommodates four 3.5-inchDrives
  • Supports Triple Display Output
  • Supports 4K Video Playback