New Schiit Lyr 3 hybrid headphone amp

There’s some new Schiit coming; the Schiit Lyr 3 headphone amp, to be precise.

The Lyr 3 is the first modular headphone amplifier / pre amplifier that offers the ultimate in flexibility and comes direct from Schiit USA.

The Schiit Lyr 3 is a tube hybrid headphone amp boasting Schiit’s true Multibit technology baked in.

Schiit Lyr 3

Lyr 3The third generation Lyr utilises Schiit’s new ‘Coherence’ hybrid single tube/solid state architecture. Additionally, there is their new ‘Continuity’ constant-transconductance output stage. Lastly, the new amp is equipped with the same modular design as their mighty Jotunheim. That’s means you are able to add a true Multibit DAC, a regular AK4490 DAC, or even a phono preamp. Or, if you prefer, no module at all; the choice is yours.

Furthermore, this clever design allows you to swap the bits out if and when technology changes!

Two new technologies

Lyr 3Let me get in to those new Schiit nomenclatures for a moment.

Coherence, is a new way to put tubes and transistors together that eliminates interstage coupling capacitors and controls everything precisely with an operational point servo.

Continuity, is a constant transconductance output stage that virtually eliminates one of the bugbears of every Class AB amp to bring it closer to Class A performance.

Potent Schiit

Whilst they are pretty proud of this technological tour de force, the Lyr 3 is capable of kicking out 6W RMS of power at 32 ohms via the single-ended headphone jack. So, as well as having it where it counts, there’s also no need for balanced connections to receive high power.

Price and availability

The Schiit Lyr 3 headphone amp will be available in the UK soon at, starting at £530.

We hope to get ears on with it soon, so stay tuned!