New Russian UVZ tram is equal parts Jawa Sandcrawler and Batmobile

russia oneCould you imagine seeing one of these babies during your stag/hen weekend in Blackpool? Nope, neither can I. This is the UralVagonZavod (thankfully shortened to UVZ) Russia One and it’s as full of tech as it is futuristic looking.

The UVZ Russia One looks like what I’d imagine a Sandcrawler would look like if the Jawas asked Bruce Wayne to pimp it up a bit. In reality it was developed at OJSC Uraltransmash (a part of UVZ Corporation located in Yekaterinburg).

That forward-tilted windshield is there to help the conductor spot pedestrians, while the glass composite panels are easy to replace should they not stop in time, I guess.

UAZ Russia One insideInside the Bat-tram (sorry) you get dynamic LED lighting and the music changes in the cabin mood to suit the time of day. There’s also positioning (GPS and GLONASS), air conditioning, anti-bacterial hand rails and WiFi. The driver even gets a USB 3.0 port that can keep a phone powered up.

The UAZ should go in to production in 2015 but, as the Russia One name implies, the vehicle will primarily be used in major Russian cities with not even a clue if they’ll ever export them to cities over here.