New Nokia 3310 available in UK – should you buy it?

Nokia-3310-2017Vodafone has let us know that the ‘all new’ Nokia 3310 is now available.

You can snap up the retro-tastic Nok for under £40 on pay as you go. But, is there any other reason to other than the trip down memory lane?

Some things have changed with the 3310 to bring it up to date (kinda) but are they all for the good?

Nokia 3310 design

One of the things that have made the 3310 the stuff of legend was its chunky and practically indestructible build.

Well, it seems that the Nokia has been reading the latest glossies and been swayed by the latest body image fads.

It has lost almost half its weight and thickness. It is also taller and a little wider.

nokia 3310 2017The new edition is also curvy, dropping the squared corners of the 20th-century version.

You still get a plastic phone but you get a choice of glossy red or yellow, or blue or grey if you prefer matte finishes.

nokia 3310 2017 yellow sideThe 2017 Nokia 3310 has a removable back cover. This allows you to change it, and/or access the battery.

New Nok gets a revised button layout. It remains basic but is less linear.

Nokia 3310 display and camera

A 1.5-inch monochrome display just isn’t going to cut it in 2017. We expect more than SMS and Snake these days.

Now you have a 2.4-inch colour screen.

nokia 3310 2017 cameraThe camera on the original was, well, it wasn’t. Can you imagine a phone with a camera back in 2000? You would have been burned as a witch.

Selfies weren’t even a real thing, as for photos of your dinner, who’d care? I suppose you could’ve shared it on the newly minted Friends Reunited or MySpace.

Now you are handed a 2MP snapper. To be honest, the camera on the 3310 remains pointless then 😉


55 hours standby or 2.5 hours of chat was still pretty good back then. The 900mAg removable cell was reliable and would easily get you through days of use.

The latest iteration now boasts a 1200mAH battery. You can still whip it out but it now hands you 31 days standby or 22 hours of chat.


2G was your choice back then, and it’s your choice now. This is a shame.

nokia 3310 2017 coloursYes, this is going to be a rather niche offering but it is made even moreso without at least 3G.

At least they’ve added Bluetooth, a 3.5mm headphone jack, microSD slot, microUSB for charging and an FM radio.

Should you?

To be honest, I wouldn’t.

Firstly, your nanoSIM won’t fit without an adapter. Secondly, you won’t be able to use Whatsapp, etc.

Add to that the new version of Snake is said to lack the charm of the original. If you want to have a play there’s emulators-aplenty.

I am generally a sucker for looking back at those halcyon days but a refreshed version should at least sport 3G.

If you’re looking for a phone with epic battery life and decent build for using at festivals and the like, there are a number of phones that will fit the bill. Oh, they also pack 4G, let alone 3G.

Nokia 3310 (2017) price and availability

Back in the year 2000 the Nokia 3310 would cost you £129. Now, the new model is available at Vodafone UK for £39 Pay as you go when bought with a £10 Big Value Bundle whilst stock lasts.

You can purchase online or in-store (at the White City and Oxford Street Experience store).

Further colours of the 3310 will be available from mid-June.