New Mobile Phone Software Converts 2D Games to Full 3D

All of you lovely, gadgety readers will have no doubt noticed that 3D is the thing at the moment.

Tokyo-based HI Corp has proudly announced that it has developed software that makes it possible to convert those basic 2D mobile phone games into of-the-moment 3D games!

HI claims its image-rendering software, apparently a new version of “MascotCapsule“, will let users play the 3D games without specs and on their phones 🙂

HI will be showing off this new tech at an exhibition in Tokyo this week but I gather that where you don’t need special glasses, you will need a special 3D LCD screen made by NEC LCD Technologies 🙁

HI plans to work with NEC to get MascotCapsule eruption embedded in ten million handsets by 2013 – unless full holographic handsets are available by then 😉

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