New Minx from Cambridge Audio

I’ve had a long-term relationship with Cambridge Audio, we split for a while whilst I shacked up with a BOSE Lifestyle system but I returned to C.A. a few years later and now have a CD player, DVD player and amp from them.

It’s seems my flirting has turned Cambridge Audio into quite the little Minx.

This Minx is a speaker system that follows the BOSE idea in that it’s made up of micro satellite speakers (8cm x 8cm) that gets partnered with one of a choice of three subwoofers depending on low-end love and budget. Those woofers are equipped with one-piece aerospace grade aluminium cones. Passive radiators are used instead of more common bass ports.

The entire system features high-end BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) technology that apparently creates a superb soundstage which means it should be able to hand both film and music. Obviously with out having a listen to the kit I can’t possibly remark.

You will get the choice of scratch resistant black or white high gloss finishes when they appear in November with prices starting at £349.95.

If CA would like to send me some Minx then I can review it 😉

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