New MacBook Air – fanless, USB Type C and iPhone coloured

new macbook airRemember when I reported the rumour that the next MacBook Airs will run silent because they won’t be packing fans? I have even more to add now.

You may have read that there are whispers in the tech world that Apple might offer the new 12-inch MacBook Airs in the same hues as its iPhones.

Well, you can now add rumours of new ports and even a different method of charging the wedge of Apple loveliness in to the mix.

Sources have it that, in order to shave a few more millimeters off the MBA, Apple will be kitting out the new machines with the new, smaller, reversible USB Type C ports.

In a nod to the old PowerBook’s, the keyboard is said to stretch to the edge of the chassis with the speakers placed in a thin strip above the keys. So, pretty much like the current MacBook Pro and Retina MacBooks.

There is even word that the Apple fan’s favourite, the MagSafe charging port, may also get binned in favour of a new power supply. That’s how far these ‘sources’ go with this info though.

With fans in mind – Intel’s Broadwell chipsets look to not only be helping shave those millimeters off the MacBook Air but, thanks to its skills as acting as a reliable heatsink, may also be the the missing link in Apple’s fanless plans for new MacBook Air.

It shouldn’t go without mentioning that the 12-inch MacBook Air will finally be packing Retina display.

As usual thought, there’s no official word from Apple, but with a 2015 launch planned, it is possible that the new MacBook Air could make its debut ahead of the summer’s WWDC annual showcase.