New Jaguar XJ Kitted out With Bowers & Wilkins Audio Kit

jaguar-xjIt seems that I’m having a bit of a car day today – no bad thing to me 🙂

No I’m mixing it up with some audio tech that’ll be in the lovely looking new Jaguar XJ when it’s unleashed.

I’m a fan of B&W’s speakers already but slipping them into highly polished wood alongside leather seats inside such a prestige marque as Jaguar must be a recipe for greatness!

In the vid below Matt Jones, the Technical Specialist for Audio Systems in the Jaguar design team discusses the bespoke Bowers & Wilkins sound system in the new car and what it brings to it:

“We wanted an audio system with no compromise, that could transparently play back faithful reproduction of any material, any music, any voices, any instruments. We operate each of those amplifier power stages in the near optimum position so it’s the lowest possible distortion.”

Check out the video – I hope to have more about the system, the technology and the car by the time it’s launched on the July 9th.

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