New iPod Touch, iPad Mini, Apple iTV or Smart Bike Spotted in iOS 4.1

OooOooOoO………. it looks like the new iPod touch, a new iPad and a mystery device have been spotted amongst the code of the latest iOS 4.1 beta.

We already know to expect the annual iPod refresh but there’s rumours aplenty of a 7-inch iPad as well as an iOS-powered Apple TV….. could these bits of code hidden in the USB configuration files be definitive proof?

The obvious one is for the new iPod touch which has the code “iPod 4.1”. That should point to a redesigned device rather than a mere update of the current iPod touch – everyone is expecting the same Retina screen as the iPhone 4, uprated camera including the addition of a FaceTime lens to bring it in line with the iPhone 4.

This is where it all gets more interesteing: “iProd 2.1”. Until now I was happy ignoring the iPad mini rumours but this tag follows the original iPad’s pre-launch configuration files were listed it as “iProd 1.1” – now do ya see what I’m thinking? It’s either going to be that 7-inch slate or perhaps iPad 2 is being tested already.

More speculation is abound thanks to the “unknownHardware” tag. The configuration files for the device include an Apple product ID (20547) but the description reads “Unknown – Add device descriptor info for this device”.

Most would point their finger at the rumoured iOS-enabled Apple TV (or iTV – Can any other UK gadgety fans spot a problem with this name?). The thing is it could be an iBike or anything else knowing Apple.

Do you have any other ideas what the mystery device could be?

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