New iPhone Packing 5mp Camera in June?

As soon as I posted the news that Apple has booked the venue for the next WWDC I wondered about fresh iPhone rumours.

As if by magic Digitimes has some news passed to them via some source or another.

Apparently OmniVision Technologies, those that currently manufacturer the iPhone 3GS‘ 3.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor, has been awarded with a new Appley contract to provide new sensors for the next-generation 2010 iPhone.

Word is that this new sensor is a CMOS 5 megapixel number.

OmniVision Technologies say the orders will increase too, from 20-21 million estimated this year, to 40 to 45 million CMOS for 2010.

Everyone will agree that the iPhone camera could do with some tweaking – I hope that things like a flash and autofocus will also be on the list 😉

So iPhone or iPad?

Whatcha think?

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