New iPhone Design Leaked By SDK Icon and Reference – Not Long Until June!

latest-iphone-sdk-new-model-1Now this is what I expect from a bank holiday!

More fuel to the iPhone 3 rumours and this time it comes from an icon and reference from inside the latest iPhone 3.0 SDK.

Thanks again to MacRumours who’ve dug up a forum thread that reveals the mention of “iPhone 2,1” within the latest build of the iPhone SDK suggesting a new model.

The icon appears to look identical to the iPhone1,2 icon, which represents the iPhone 3G – this either means that there’s no change in design or Apple has used merely a placeholder icon for the time being.

While the icon is tiny the mere presence of it suggests Apple has fallen foul of the same mistake twice. The iPhone 3G model was also outed in a similar icon slip. DOH!!

Previous rumours have suggested that a new model would keep a similar if not the same form factor as the current iPhone 3G model with the main difference being a performance boost thanks to a new chipset.

What? You didn’t know that? You should lookey here!

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