New HUAWEI P30 Pro Colours and More – IFA 2019

HUAWEI Announces New Colours and Record-Breaking Sales for P30 Series.

IFA 2019 saw HUAWEI announce two new beautiful colour options for its class-leading HUAWEI P30 Pro smartphone. The new options offer you more choice when it comes to the look and feel of your smartphone.

The new P30 Pro comes with newly upgraded photography and video editing features. Moreover, it is ready for the all-new EMUI10 based on Android 10.

The HUAWEI P30 Series has garnered global attention and fans since its launch in March 2019. Over 10 million units of the smartphone series were sold within the first 85 days. That’s a new record for Huawei’s flagship device shipments and a testament to its technological innovation.

New Aesthetic Design

At the HUAWEI Keynote in Berlin, we were told that the new colour options for the P30 Pro were inspired by nature.

Mystic Blue is said to be reminiscent of the sky reflecting the sea.

Whereas Misty Lavender is designed to evoke a beach at sunset.

We do like how the camera lens area has been re-designed. The new models have a high-gloss surface at the top portion that blends into a new matte finish for the hand-held lower half. That latter portion seems to be much less of a fingerprint magnet too.

Camera Upgrades

The latest photography upgrades to the HUAWEI P30 Series include a new super night selfie function. This comes by way of a software update on existing devices. The feature uses a high image sensing portrait algorithm to brighten subjects at night while lowering the brightness of the light source in the background. The result appears to be natural, crystal clear selfies even in low light conditions.

Thanks to the upgraded HUAWEI Vlog AI editing function, you can create music videos from your gallery with just one click. Once the video has been created, you can customise it with your favourite music, filters, effects and movie scales and even add more clips.


The HUAWEI P30 Series will be the first to upgrade to the all-new EMUI10 operating system. The system, which adopts revolutionary distributed technology, offers a smooth and smart user experience.

EMUI10 features a magazine-style design for the lock screen. The new-look provides a simple and clear user interface thanks to wider spacing and concentrated grid design.

Additionally, the design of the settings, calendar, contact list and other interfaces have also been enhanced to improve the visual experience.

Finally, EMUI10 now comes with an enhanced Dark Mode to offer a more comfortable and immersive reading experience.


The Huawei P30 Pro Mystic Blue will be available from Carphone Warehouse from September 23.