New HTC One M8 photos leak including awesome LED smart case

htc One M8 front and rearEven though there’s only a couple of weeks to wait til the official outing of the successor to the HTC One, it doesn’t mean that new leaks are any less exciting. Especially when they’re close up, hands on and include a nifty LED case.

The latest batch of hot hands-on action with HTC’s new One (previously codenamed M8) has been shot from many angles and gives us pretty much a guided tour around the new flagship smartphone from HTC.

As a bonus, there’s a great pic of the LED smart cover in multiple colour options.

The hands-on pics show the same device that has appeared in previous shots, including the second lens at the top rear to allegedly provide Lytro style re-focusing effects. There’s one new feature revealed by the fresh images: it looks like the speaker grilles are covered by a clear layer of material to protect them.

HTC One M8 LED smart coverI’m quite digging the LED smart cover and you have to admit that it is a groovy idea. If you’re going to cover up your new top-of-the-range smartphone it had better be with something equally as natty.

I have it on good authority that Alcatel did show something similar at CES but I must’ve missed that. Anyhoooo… we only have to wait until March 25th for the real show-and-tell.

Personally, I can’t wait 🙂

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