New HTC Hero phone to appear in October

htc heroI am currently counting down the months to when I can swap my HTC One M7 for an M9 – my contract renews in September. Now, I hear that there may be an even more premium HTC phone coming out around then.

As lovely as the M9 is, it sounds as though HTC have plans to release a “Hero product” before the end of this year.

HTC’s Cher Wang has announced that the company will launch a new high end smartphone later in the year, after apologising for the company’s poor performance of late. Wang went on to say that things would change for the better towards the end of the year.

According to the Taipei Times Cher Wang is reported as saying:

In an effort to improve the company’s smartphone segment, HTC’s core business, Wang said the company plans to launch a ‘hero product’ in October, and make significant improvements in innovation and design for the next flagship model next year.”

It does not sound that this will be a replacement for the current M9 flagship but, instead, this will be a completely different product.

cher wangWang added at the meeting that she hopes new products like the company’s VR collaboration with Steam, the HTV Vive, will help bolster turnover.

I expect the new phone to have a focus on more innovative production techniques and be loaded with a better camera module as this is one aspect which the industry has pointed out where the M9 falls behind its competitors. I am also thinking that they may take a leaf out of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge‘s book in so much as being easily identifiable as a brand new product.

As yet there are no details on what sort of hardware this new HTC smartphone will come with, as soon as we get some more details about the device, we will let you guys know.